On the edge of whats bodily possible

What I'm passionate about is helping people exceed the limits of what they think their body is capable of. This can be in terms of strength, flexibility or more technical skills such as the handstand.
Whether you dream of doing your first pull up, be able to do the splits, stand on your hands, or just touch your toes with straight legs, I can help you get there.

About me...

As a kid, I was never particularly athletic, quite the opposite. In elementary and high school, I spent a great deal of my time playing computer.
In 2014 I attended a sports højskole in Sønderborg and subsequently decided to study sports science in Odense. During the first year, we had a test, were we had to be able to do a handstand for 5 seconds. After practicing and passing the exam, I just still didn't feel like I could really do a handstand. So I decided to keep practicing - And I've been doing that ever since.

Det tilbyder jeg:

Private Classes

1-1 teaching or in small groups of up to 3 people. Perfect for delving into technical elements, such as the handstand. Single session or course. Can be done via skype or in person.

Online Coaching

After a talk about your goals and some initial tests, I'll write a program for you. Subsequently, you'll receive feedback on a weekly basis, with the opportunity to ask questions along the way. 


Attending a workshop is a good way to get learn about methods and tools that you can work on your self afterwards. I mainly do workshops centered around handstands and/or flexibility.

Mikkel Schleicher – Håndstand, fleksibilitet og kropsvægtstræning

3 weeks 23 hours ago

Jeg har svaret på nogle spørgsmål fra Acrogymdk og det er blevet til en guide med tips og tricks til at træne håndstand derhjemme 🙃 Der er mest at hente for begyndere, men der er også øvelser og tips til dem af jer der allerede kan stå. Jeg kommer også kort ind på håndstand på én arm, og hvad jeg mener du bør kunne, før du begynder at træne mere specifikt efter den. Jeg håber at nogen af jer vil finde den brugbar 😁 www.danishbalance.com/guide/haandstand-hjemme/

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