Online coaching

Hvis du slår til nu, kan du få online coaching til first mover pris 400kr pr måned (normalpris 1000kr).Til gengæld vil jeg bede dig om at give feedback på formatet, samt dele ud af den fremgang vi opnår. 

With online coaching, I'm with you every step of the way. Based on your goals, and initial testing, I'll put together a program specificly tailored for you. You get feedback on a weekly basis and always have the opportunity to ask questions.

My specialty is in the development of flexibility / mobility, Handstands and bodyweight training/calistentichs.

How it works:

Initial Assessment:
Before you start online coaching, we'll have a talk where we get to know each other and discuss your goals, lifestyle, training history, etc.

Afterwards, I'll ask you to film yourself doing some specific exercises and tests. Based on our talk and the tests, I will write a personal program for you.

Ongoing Adjustment
Once a week, you'll send me videos and updates from your training, so I can give you feedback and adapt the program if needed. You can write me anytime if you have any questions along the way, and I'll answer ASAP. If needed, we can also arrange a skype meeting, to discuss the program or other aspects of training more detailed.


Lyder det som noget for dig?
Send mig en mail på, så kan vi snakke nærmere om et forløb.

Prisen for et forløb hos mig, er 1000 kr. per måned.

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